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Welcome to Elmbrook Chiropractic

A Brookfield Chiropractor Ready to Listen

Everyone is so busy today; it’s hard to find the time to take care of yourself. Brookfield chiropractor, Dr. Nichole Schultz is here to help you manage life’s stresses with caring chiropractic. Our entire team is happy to see you when you come in!
At Elmbrook Chiropractic our goal is to find the root cause of your pain, rather than simply managing or covering up your symptoms of pain and illness.

Give Your Body a Chance

Your body possesses natural healing abilities that our chiropractic care will help to activate. This enables your body to take care of itself.

In addition to healing chiropractic care, we offer:

  • Standard Process®, Biotics®, Nutri-Dyn®, and Metagenics ® Supplements
  • Food Allergy Testing
  • Hormonal Stress Testing
  • Toxicity Testing
  • Purification/Cleanse Program
  • Weight Loss

Available to Talk to Your Organization or Group

We love being involved in our local community! Dr. Schultz is available to talk to your group or organization about health at no cost. We love to give back, and can discuss various subjects such as women’s health issues, how to handle stress or wellness lifestyles for your family.

We want to share natural, pain-free ways for you to be healthier. We’ll explain how you can develop healthy habits in daily living to bring tremendous change to your life. We’ll give you and your entire family a foundation to build on for a future of wellness.

At Elmbrook Chiropractic we will provide you with a variety of solutions to meet all your health and wellness needs.

Let us address your health concerns naturally and safely! Call us today. (262) 789-0576

Brookfield chiropractor serving Elm Grove, Waukesha,
Menomonee Falls, and Wauwatosa